GFlo – Globe Control Valve

The GFlo globe valve excels in delivering superior performance for both liquid and gaseous services.

EFlo – Eccentric Plug Valve

The MASCOT EFlo eccentric plug valve is a high-performance rotary globe valve designed for precision control.

VFlo – Segmented Ball Valve

The VFlo segmented ball valve is purpose-built for demanding applications, featuring a rugged design.

DiskFlo – High Performance Butterfly Valve

The DiskFlo high performance butterfly valves are versatile and compact in design, offering cost-effective, quick operation.

QuickFlo – Shut-off Ball Valve

The QuickFlo shut-off ball valve is crucial for ensuring maximum flow capacity and minimal pressure drop.

FlushFlo – Flush Bottom Valve

The FlushFlo flush bottom valves have a specialized design for applications requiring thorough draining.
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