TaperFlo – Low Cv, Multi-Stage Trim
The MASCOT TaperFlo trim can be used in liquid applications with very high pressure drop and low flow. It effectively eliminates cavitation damage and reduces the hydrodynamic noise in liquids. The TaperFlo trim is carefully designed by MASCOT engineering team for each application using their decades of experience in Severe Service control valve technologies. It uses a combination of technologies like sudden expansion and contraction, frictional loss caused by small passages, sudden directional changes, velocity reduction and staged pressure drop.

The TaperFlo trim is used in low flow conditions where the CavFlo trim doesn’t provide adequate controllability.


0.5″ to 12.0″

Pressure Rating:

150# to 4500#
TaperFlo – Low Cv, Multi-Stage Trim
Sizes0.5" to 12.0"
Pressure Rating150# to 4500#
TypesValve Trim
Applicable ProductsGflo
Stages4 to 25
ApplicationsGas & Liquid
Noise AttenuationYes
Cavitation ControlYes
Method of Control/AttenuationStaged pressure reduction through a series of sudden expansion and contraction stages
MOCSS 316, SS 316L, SS 304, SS 304L
17-4PH, SS 410 HT, SS 416 HT, SS 440C HT
904L, Monel K400, Monek K500, Alloy 20
Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy B
Inconel 625, Inconel 718
Duplex 4A, Duplex 1B, Super Duplex 5A, Super Duplex 6A
Solid Stellite, Solid Tungsten Carbide
Others on request
ServiceGeneral, High DP, Noise, Cavitation
TemperatureStandard, High Temperature, Low Temperature
Flow CharacteristicLinear, Bi-Linear, Custom

Product Catalogue

TaperFlo – Low Cv, Multi-Stage Trim

Oil & Gas
Pulp & Paper
Chemical Processing
Space Research
Mining & Metals
Industrial Gases & Cryogenic
Food & Beverage
Sugar & Distilleries

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