MegaFlo – Noise Attenuation Trim
The MASCOT MegaFlo trim effectively reduces the gaseous noise in control valves. MegaFlo design is a result of extensive research and engineering study. Various principles have been incorporated into the trim design allowing it to be used in varied applications like chemical plants, refineries, power plants, process industries, nuclear industries and wherever a highly effective noise reduction valve is required.

The MegaFlo trim can be applied with 1 to 7 stages effectively reducing the noise by up to 30 dBa.


0.5″ to 48.0″

Pressure Rating:

150# to 4500#
MegaFlo – Noise Attenuation Trim
Sizes0.5" to 48.0"
Pressure Rating150# to 4500#
TypesInternal Retainer (Valve Trim), Downstream Plate
Applicable ProductsInternal Retainer: GFlo, DeFlo SCV
Downstream Plate: GFlo, DeFlo SCV, VFlo, EFlo, DiskFlo
Stages1 to 7
ApplicationsAll Gas Applications
Noise AttenuationUp to 15 dBA, Up to 30 dBA using a combination of Techniques
Method of Noise AttenuationStaged pressure reduction through a series of drilled-hole retainers.
MOCSS 316, SS 316L
SS 416 HT
904L, Monel K400, Monek K500, Alloy 20
Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy B
Duplex 4A, Super Duplex 5A, Super Duplex 6A
Downstream Plates:
ASTM A217 WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A
ASTM A351 CF8M (SS 316), CF3M (SS 316L), CF8 (SS 304), CF3 (SS 304L), CF8C (SS 347), CK20 (SS310)
Others on request
ServiceGeneral, High DP, Noise
TemperatureStandard, High Temperature, Low Temperature
Flow CharacteristicEqual Percentage, Linear, Quick Opening, Bi-Linear, Custom

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MegaFlo – Noise Attenuation Trim

Oil & Gas
Pulp & Paper
Chemical Processing
Space Research
Mining & Metals
Industrial Gases & Cryogenic
Food & Beverage
Sugar & Distilleries

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