XFlo – Limit Switch and Positioner Transmitter
MASCOT XFlo Limit Switches (XFlo LS) and XFlo Position Transmitters (XFlo PT) are the need of today’s modern process control systems where positive identification of the valve’s current state is required. The infinite resolution potentiometer in the XFlo Position Transmitter senses the exact position of a valve coupled with a two-wire transmitter and sends a continuous 4-20mA signal to a remote indicating device. The XFlo Limit Switch box houses two to four micro-switches or inductive proximity switches to indicate open, intermediate or close position with redundant signal options. The Position Transmitter and Limit Switch box can be combined in a XFlo PTLS2 box to provide accurate 4 – 20 mA feedback as well as two positions (open, intermediate or close) via its two auxiliary switches.
XFlo – Limit Switch and Positioner Transmitter
Power Supply Range
(For Position Tx)
12.5 to 40 VDC (24V DC Typical)
Power Supply Range
(For Limit Switch)
Up to 20 Amps and 480 VAC
Up to 0.5 Amps 125 VDC
Up to 0.25 Amps 250 VDC
Signal Output
(For Position Tx)
4-20 mA
Span5° to 100° of Angular Rotation
Zero4 mA Position may be set at any angular position
Linearity± 1.0% FS for 90° Rotation (Typically ±1.5% FS for Linear Motion Valves)
Repeatability± 0.25% FS
Hysteresis± 1.0% FS
Ambient Temperature-40 F to 185 F (-40° C to 85° C)
IP RatingIP 66 (IP 67 Optional)

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XFlo – Limit Switch and Positioner Transmitter

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