GFlo – Globe Control Valve

The GFlo globe valve excels in delivering superior performance for both liquid and gaseous services.

EFlo – Eccentric Plug Valve

The MASCOT EFlo eccentric plug valve is a high-performance rotary globe valve designed for precision control.

VFlo – Segmented Ball Valve

The VFlo segmented ball valve is purpose-built for demanding applications, featuring a rugged design.

DiskFlo – High Performance Butterfly Valve

The DiskFlo high performance butterfly valves are versatile and compact in design, offering cost-effective, quick operation.

QuickFlo – Shut-off Ball Valve

The QuickFlo shut-off ball valve is crucial for ensuring maximum flow capacity and minimal pressure drop.

FlushFlo – Flush Bottom Valve

The FlushFlo flush bottom valves have a specialized design for applications requiring thorough draining.

DeFlo Mini – Mechanical Desuperheater

The MASCOT DeFlo Mini Desuperheater, known for its space-efficient design.

DeFlo VSD – Variable Spray Desuperheater

Mascot’s Variable Spray Desuperheater (VSD) stands out with a remarkable turndown ratio.

DeFlo SCV – Combined Steam Conditioning Valve

Mascot’s Steam Conditioning Valve (SCV) stands out with a friendly design user.
Severe Service Trims

MegaFlo – Noise Attenuation Trim

The MASCOT MegaFlo trim effectively reduces the gaseous noise in control valves.

CavFlo – Cavitation Control trim

The MASCOT CavFlo trim effectively eliminates cavitation damage and reduces the hydrodynamic noise.

TaperFlo – Low Cv, Multi-Stage Trim

The MASCOT TaperFlo trim can be used in liquid applications with very high pressure drop and low flow.

VcFlo – Multi-Stage Multi-Path Velocity Control Trim

The MASCOT VcFlo trim can be used in both gases and liquids and is effective in reducing noise and velocity.

Linear Actuator

MASCOT spring cylinder linear actuator is a powerful, high-performance pneumatic actuator.

Rotary Actuator

MASCOT spring cylinder rotary actuator is a powerful, high-torque and high-stiffness pneumatic actuator.

HiFlo - Pneumatic Positioner

MASCOT HiFlo Positioners are Pneumatic Positioners primarily used by MASCOT control valves.

EP2K – Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

MASCOT EP2K Positioners are Electro-Pneumatic Positioners primarily used by MASCOT control valves.

EP3K – Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

MASCOT EP3K Positioners are Electro-Pneumatic Positioners used by MASCOT control valves.

SmartFlo – Smart Positioner

MASCOT SmartFlo Smart Valve Positioner accurately controls valve stroke in response to an input signal of 4-20mA.

XFlo – Limit Switch and Positioner Transmitter

MASCOT XFlo Limit Switches (XFlo LS) and XFlo Position Transmitters (XFlo PT) are the need of today’s modern process.
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